Network Design and Development

Network Development:

ICS offers local and cloud based network/infrastructure system design. Custom designed network systems for client specific needs.

Office Space Development:

ICS can create and assist companies with new office space infrastructure development, co-location infrastructure and development, power assessment/needs and low-voltage cabling and wiring design.

Wi-Fi Development:

ICS can create state of the art Wi-Fi wireless LAN environments that reflect the best practices as it relates to security, infrastructure, and operation.

ICS Wi-Fi Services:

  • Minimum Signal Level Thresholds
  • Access Point Placement
  • Access Point Separation
  • Determining Location Readiness
  • Location, Voice and Data Coexistence
  • Avoiding Location Display Jitter
  • Multiple Location Appliance Designs
  • Antenna Considerations
  • Calibration
  • Inspecting Location Quality
  • Using Test Points to Verify Accuracy