Cloud Development

Private Cloud Development:

The benefit for creating your own cloud is providing better privacy for important data. ICS offers connection services to help individuals establish private cloud effortlessly. As you come and go between homes, offices, or on business trips, your files and data can synced across many devices.

Synchronize your files across multiple devices:

ICS and also provide files you save on public Clouds to Sync and retain a copy of your data on your local or office NAS device. This provides the ultimate in data replication and recovery in the event of disasters or equipment lose or failure.

Synchronize between existing cloud services (2-Way Could Sync)

ICS utilizes Cloud Sync which syncs files between Google Drive, Dropbox, Baidu, and Disk Station. For users who own storage space on various file-storage sites, Cloud Sync brings great convenience by creating a unified entry to all your files. Since Disk Station stores a copy of all files, it’s also a safety net for your digital assets, freeing them from the potential shortages of a third-party storage solution.